Consulants for environmental projects
for local authorities and industry
The SAG is a general planner for local authorities and industrial companies.

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Sewerage systems
solutions which speak for themselves.

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Wastewater treatment plants
which underline our ability.

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Renewable energies
which safeguard our future.

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Facility Management
for economic and reliable operation.

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SAG engineers from Ulm

SAG welcomes you on our website. On the following pages we try to show you competences in environmental engineering projects.

Our seat is at Ulm half way between Stuttgart and Munich, but we are working on projects in the whole federal Republic of Germany. SAG projects cover wastewater traetment plants from 2.500 to 2.000.000 p.e., for example at Gütenbach, Waldmohr, Frankfurt-Sindlingen, Munich, Graz (Austria) and Bologna (Italy).

We supply expertise and consulting in chemical and process engineering, measurement and control engineering, surveying, civil engineering, structural engineering, architecture, landscape planning, mechanical engineering, electrical and power engineering and technical building equipment.

We work in the fields of sewerage systems, infrastructure, development, municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, rainwater treatment, leachate treatment, sludge treatment, power generation, refuse and exhaust air treatment.